Everything started when Red Skull gathered us on HYDRA to fight the Captain America and S.H.I.E.L.D… Just kidding!

In 2014 the team who composes Hydra met while they were working for another knife maker, then a lot of questions popped up, “why no one knows Albacete when it is the cutlery from Spain?”, “why are we so tie up to this old fashion designs?” “Why are we lacking on quality? “why no one improves and invest in different materials?”

In late 2017 those employees decided to start their voyage alone, it was about time to give an answer to those questions. The solution is no other than to create the highest-quality knives around. Our knives are tools with a stunning design, they all has been made to last a lifetime.

Our knives and folding knives are made using the real experiences from our many years of hard working, our users and Ambassadors (more than 30 people worldwide, from Military to Bushcraft who tested our knives), our maximum is never provide a piece of gear that has not been tested in the real world.

Our first design hit the market on a Kickstarter campaign, Buzzard, a small multitool EDC neck knife designed to last your everyday and help you out in every situation, its design and low dimensions made it multiply our goal by more than 3x, reaching the funding goal in less than 24 hours.

Buzzard turned out being the first legal karambit-like knife in Spain since it is a tool not a knife, that was stated by the ICAE (Central intervention of Explosives and Weapons from Spain) who pointed out that Buzzard cannot be consider a knife but a tool thanks to its fixed wrench and hex hole.

Buzzard was just a small glimpse of Hydra, our knives are made out of the most resilient steels (Niolox, D2, Sleipner, etc.) and our handles are made out of top quality materials such as G-10, carbon fiber, etc. We always try to excel in designing and quality as we always try to include an innovation on every of our designs.

Moreover, our designs are made out by designers from nearly every background from Bushcraft and Survival experts to Law Enforcement. Our knives are manufactured in the heart of the cutlery capital from Spain, Albacete. We use new techniques such as CNC and haas machinery and every knife is hand-finished by our skilled workers.

Law Enforcement groups, Rescue teams, Firefighters departments and many survival experts, have requested our knives. People who depends on their tools to make their job done, they decided to trust on the performance and reliability of Hydra.