If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW HYDRA! Thanks a lot for trusting us,

Manufacturing and hand finishing our knives is a time consuming process, we took great care to manufacture them, it would be a pity if it is ruined, isn’t it? To keep the finest conditions we made this list of general good care tips. (This are just general advices since everyone has their own secret bushido techniques to keep their knives up to optimal)


STEEL: Buzzard is made of 1.4116 steel. It is a high stainless steel that has been used for ages on the kitchen knives because of its exceptional corrosion resistance. However, even with that, there may be a tendency for small rust spots to appear. This happen specially if not wiped dry or maintained well with oil.

You can clean the surface of Buzzard just by washing it with a neutral soap and water, firstly rinsing Buzzard with water to remove completely the cleaning agent, and secondly drying the surface to preserve a good superficial condition.

Our blades are pre-heated with high quality oil to prevent rusting so it should not rust under normal conditions. However, we truly advice to wipe off our knives when you are finished using it. When you return home or stop using the knife for a while, you can always apply a gently coating of oil that will keep Buzzard ready for your next adventure.

We are using steel like Sleipner, Niolox, D2, N690co. Some of them are not stainless, so care should be taken, especially around salt water. We recommend apply a special maintenance on Sleipner and D2 Steel.


COATING: Many of our models come with a powder coating made of an Epoxy Hybrid Base with Polyester; it is applied by electrostatically methods and baked on in an oven. This coating is not indestructible, it is hard but it may lose small pieces of the coating while using. This is NOT a problem, indeed it is a regular process, the knife will last forever, the coating come off eventually no matter what (we tried Cerakote® as well and the result is pretty much the same)


SHEATHS: Our models comes with a Kydex sheath molded to your knife; they are not supposed to fit other models or types of knives, just yours. If your kydex sheath gets dirty inside or out, you can remove the knife and run warn water with soap through it (there is a drainage hole at the tip of the sheath). Then make sure it has completely dry prior of placing the knife back.


SHARPENING: The majority of the tasks you may find everyday do not require a razor edge. In fact, 1.4416 is perfect for beginner sharpeners, it is really tough yet flexible, it comes with an exceptional corrosion resistant, and even if it does not hold the edge that well you can get a razor in a couple of minutes with a bit of experience in sharpening. For steels like Sleipner, Niolox, D2 or N690co please contact with us.