OEM & Custom Service

If you are a cutlery brand or want to start a new project. We could provide customized manufacturing services for you.

We are willing to open collaboration with designers or knife brands too around the world so feel free to contact us if you have any idea.

As a knife manufacturer, we are capable of producing different kind of knives for any market, and we use the best specialized production equipment to make them.

We import our raw materials directly from the United States, Europe and Asia providers.

The main steel plates that we work are these:

  • Böhler brand steel qualities:
    • N690CO, K110 (D2), K720 (O2) or M390
  • Uddeholm brand steel qualities:
    • Sleipner, Elmax or Chipper
  • Sandvik brand steel qualities:
    • 12C27 or 14C28n
  • Cedinox brand steel qualities:
    • ACX380 (1.4116),  ACX390 (420) or 440C
  • Takefu brand steel qualities:
    • VG10
  • Generic carbon steel qualities:
    • XC75 (1075) or 1095

Handle material list:

  • Generic micarta or custom colors
  • G10
  • Carbon fibers
  • Woods (Olive, Cocobolo, Oak, Curly Birch, Wallnut, etc…)
  • Stabilised woods
  • Natural (Deer stag, mouflon, etc…)


What Is OEM or Custom service?

OEM is the abbreviation for Original Equipment Manufacturer. This service that we provide accepts concepts and ideas that you could have and want to make it really.

How Is an OEM Knife Built?

  • Step 1 – Basic Enquire: Let us know your ideas for a product or customize an existing product that you have or need.
  • Step 2 – Style designing: We will need 2D or 3D files to can make the prototypes, If you don’t have them, we could draw them for you. Then we will send the mock-up to you for detailed discussion.
  • Step 3 – Offering quote and prototyping: After the confirmation of the design, we will quote the cost per unit and will give you the MOQ (minimmum quantity order) of this design. Later if you accept we will manufacture a sample and send it to you for further inspection.
  • Step 4 – Mass production: Once the acceptance of the sample, we will procced with the mass production that depending of the design and materials, will take 3-4 months.
  • Step 5 – Inspection and delivery: When the knives are finished, we will do a full inspection and packaging of the product. You will receive good quality knives only.

Nice place in the EU to knife manufacturing

We are in Spain, exactly in Albacete where we have a rich history of cutlery knife making. Our workers all have decades of experience in their work.

We Listen to You in all moment

We are a patient and flexible team that welcomes all ideas. We will always listen to all your needs and we will advice to make adjustments if it will necessary, because we believe that this will do that we growing up in sync.

What kind of OEM options or custom service we can offer you?

We can manufacture from a full knife design or a specific service like laser cut, heat treatment, grinding service, CNC milling service, assembling, laser engraving or packaging,

How long does it take to manufacture an OEM product?

The lead time will depends to the complexity of your product. We must to adopt your requeriments and once the sample is make and approved by you. We will procced to do the mass production. At 2023 our mass production take roughly 90 to 120 days


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