Buzzard Black Vulture Version



  • Black vulture version comes with a black powder coating that gives Buzzard another look.
  • Light-handed knife with more functionalities than a regular knife. The perfect balance between a good blade, a screwdriver and a wrench.
  • Can be turned out into any screwdriver you want just by attaching a bit key to it.
  • Buzzard comes with an m6, m5 and m3 fixed wrench on its handle.
  • Ringed knife that reassembles a karambit, the ring allows you a quick release and a firm grip in your hand.
  • Fully customizable for left and right users. Carry it attached to your belt, bag or hanging in your neck.
  • Made out 1.4116 stainless steel, one of the most resilient and resistant steels around.
  • Sheath made by Kydex®.
  • Entirely made in Europe with premium and finest materials.
  • Two sheath options available, black or brown.

Buzzard are one of the smallest birds of prey, their survival spirit has make them to adapt to every environment. We tried to reflect that ultimate survival spirit in our knife: sleek, small, effective, quick and badass looking.


3D View of the product

Buzzard is an U.S.A.-inspired EDC multitool neck knife designed by Hydra Knives. Its first appearance was on a Kickstarter campaign that reached its goal in less than 24 hours.

Many would consider a perfect EDC just a small blade, well, for us it is not that simple. Buzzard combines the perfect proportion of a sleek blade with your personal screwdriver and a fixed wrench.

Buzzard can be turned out into any screwdriver just by attaching a bit key into its hex hole.



Buzzard is inspired on the EDC-Be prepared trends, so this feature allows the user to carry its favorite screwdriver on his/her adventures.

On its handle, it also contains a fixed wrench of the most common used wrench sizes: m6, m5 and m3.


Fixed Wrench

The result is a light like a feather knife with more functionalities than a regular blade, keeping the balance between a great blade and the tools you may need in your every day.


Firesteel Notch

Buzzard overall shape is inspired in the U.S market, but it is fully made on Europe from quality materials and raw materials, ensuring Buzzard is one fine blade.

Buzzard’s secret is on its design: a blade do precise cutting; a seax point and an ergonomic handle that adapts to your hand. This ergonomic handle ends on a safety ring to ensure a firm grip while projecting more strength.

The icing in the cake is Buzzard can be carried and used by left and right users. The sheath design allows you to carry it in almost any imaginable way: horizontal, vertical, attached to your belt, bag strips, hanging on your neck, etc.

Buzzard Positions

From unscrewing your bike wheels to cutting wood or lifting a fire, Buzzard is your all around EDC knife.

Buzzard technical specifications:

Buzzard is made out of 5 mm 1,4116 stainless steel. Buzzard is not a brittle blade.

Buzzard Black Vulture

Overall length: 17 cm (6,69″)

Blade length: 8 cm (3,15″)

Edge length: 7,5 cm (2,95″)

Handle length: 9 cm (3,54″)

Steel width: 5 mm (0,19″)

Hardness between 55-57 HR. Cryogenic treatment.

Buzzard knife only: 79 gr (2,78 Ounces)

Buzzard sheath: 30 gr (1,06 Ounces)

  1. Firesteel nick: Lift a fire quickly just by using the nick located by the end of the blade near the point. This spot has not been grinded to ease the use of a fire rod.
  2. Thumb serrations on the blade helps while cutting with more precision and safely using Buzzard.
  3. Thumb serrations on the blade secures the grip, especially when carrying it or using the safety ring. It also helps you to use the screwdriver and the wrench.
  4. The safety ring secures a firm grip meanwhile it eases the extraction. It can be used to smash things (like a glass in case of emergency or a coconut). While you hold Buzzard with your whole hand while projecting more strength.
  5. Wrench: Buzzard has been designed to be used on wild or urban environments. Would you like to screw up your bike’s wheel? We got your back. Many users will not use this feature but it is also a nice way to make Buzzard lighter.
  6. Bit keyhole: Your personal screwdriver, just replace one bit key for another and you will have your own personal screwdriver. For more information about hex key holder and hex key check out its product page.
  7. Seax point: It helps you with precise and straight cutting while minimizing the risk of stabbing by accident. We took the inspiration for our point from the Buzzard’s beak. To resemblance the birds of prey, we decided to make Buzzard with a seax point.
  8. Powder coating – Textured Powder coat: Powder coating make the knife frictionless, it is said that helps the user to extract a knife from different materials. It also protects your blade from corrosion so it helps it to endure corrosive environment such as a salt water. It also gives the blade this tactical look. Our coating is made of an epoxy base with polyester on it. Coatings are a classic on the knives industry by some of the top brands around.

Buzzard Black Vulture on Austria

Buzzard is made out of 1.4116 stainless steel, a highly appreciated steel on kitchen knives because of its exceptional corrosion resistant. Buzzard is user-friendly and this steel is the best choice to make an EDC tool to be used by every user, expert or not.

1.4416 is perfect for beginner sharpeners, it is really tough yet flexible, it comes with an exceptional corrosion resistant, and even if it does not hold the edge that well you can get a razor in a couple of minutes with a bit of experience in sharpening.

The final touch is given by a cryogenic treatment that ensures the perfect balance between edge retention and flexibility.

Buzzard sheath technical specifications:

Sheath length: 11,8 cm (4,64″)

Sheath height : 5,3 cm (2,08″)

Sheath width: 0,9 cm (0,35″)

Buzzard Black Vulture with sheath

Kydex® is a material born and made in the U.S; it is one of the best materials used in all-around sheaths.

Kydex® is the perfect material to any tactical sheath since it ensures the endurance in any environment and will last for generations. Furthermore, you can adjust how tight the sheath is just by heating it and molding it again. Kydex is waterproof, scratch resistant (Rockwell scale “R” hardness of 90) hold and its shape lasts forever, will not stretch or shrink under normal conditions and has lower friction than leather.

Buzzard’s sheath comes with an extra hole on each side; these holes are meant to hold the bit key while the knife is sheathed. The point ends on a drainpipe to remove any fluids or excess of moisture.

Buzzard’s sheath is prepared in case you want to string it, attach our TAC-CLIP®, belt loops or firesteel holder.

Brown Buzzard Sheath JHS

For more and more detailed information, we encourage you to visit our Kickstarter campaign.

In addition, would you like to know what your favorite YouTubers say about Buzzard? More than 30 experts has reviewed it. Check out our Ambassador section here.

EAN-13 codes:
Buzzard Black Vulture – Black Sheath: 8436595550095
Buzzard Black Vulture – Brown Sheath: 8436595550101

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