Buzzard is the first knife designed by Hydra® Knives. As the Spanish laws dictates every knife design has to be approved and authorized by the Civil Guard (Guardia Civil) from Spain. This authorization has to be given even before making the first unit of a design. The Civil Guard will dictate either if the design is authorized by the Spanish laws about weapon carrying.

Because of Buzzard’s morphology we had to submit our design to the judge of the ICAE (Central Intervention of Weapons and Explosives) the Monitoring and Superior body that dictates doctrine. They are the superior organism that approves (or not) a knife or folding knife in last term.

After submitting a more than thirty-five report explaining to the detail how Buzzard works it was approved by the ICAE. We are more than proud to announce that Buzzard is the first legal knife with this characteristics of Spain.

The problem with our design was the safety ring which on an early stage was consider a fist weapon or knuckles. After the proper explanations, the members from ICAE ended up on the same conclusion that we do, in legal terms and as for the Spanish laws, Buzzard is not a knife but a tool. The tools inside Buzzard cannot be used properly without the help of the safety ring.

As a tool, it cannot be consider even a knife, that means it is not even regulated in the terms of the actual laws about knives carrying and weapons.

This is why buzzard is the first legal tool with this shape admitted by the ICAE, the first and unique of its kind. It may reassemble a karambit-like knife or a ringed knife, but it is a tool, nothing else. The explanation behind this is because its tool and small blade dimensions.